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Youth Lagoon
Wondrous Bughouse - FAT POSSUM
FILTER Grade: 79%

By Kyle MacKinnel on March 6, 2013


Youth Lagoon

If you’re going to do the whole nostalgic bedroom thing, might as well own up and do it all the way. This has been the story of Youth Lagoon’s Trevor Powers, hailing from the tightly knit music scene of Boise, Idaho, and writing personal songs about inward thoughts that happen to manifest themselves in the form of anthemic synth-pop outpourings. It’s a small operation with surprisingly big results. On his second album, the delightfully titled Wondrous Bughouse, Powers affords himself a more experimental stance, lacing warped warbles and sketchy interludes between the seams of his brand of kaleidoscopic builder tracks, the likes of which also populated Youth Lagoon’s 2010 debut, The Year of Hibernation. Some of the notable Bughouse specimens include “Mute,” “Pelican Man,” “Dropla” and the closer, “Daisyphobia.” Describing his writing process as “my mind communicating with me, not the other way around,” it’s going to be interesting to hear how Powers’ material continues to evolve as the budding appeal of Youth Lagoon inevitably draws him farther out of his fascinating shell.  


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