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Young Magic
FILTER Grade: 85%

By Loren Auda Poin on February 16, 2012


Young Magic

On Melt, his first full-length release as Young Magic, Australian mind-blower Isaac Emmanuel stretches swaths of symphonic vocals and swooping sonic mayhem over oceanic drumbeats, tracking ever forward into electronic sensory overload. How lucky that in the process he strikes a rich vein of pop gold. “Night in the Ocean” is a particularly exultant piece of ear candy, a psychedelic marvel the complexities of which only seem to multiply, and the virally good beat of “Sanctuary” is the rule, not the exception. From the album’s very first strains, you know something mysterious, maybe even mystical, is afoot. This fantastic sense is strung through the music by the steady pulse and occasional explosion of drums that shift from a cool slither all the way to full-fledged Phil Collins breakdown mania. Add generous portions of melodic synth power and trance-inducing vocals and the sonic rewards are sweet, my friends.   

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