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Young Dreams
Between Places - MODULAR
FILTER Grade: 85%

By Laura Studarus on March 7, 2013


Young Dreams

There’s plenty that can be said about Young Dreams, but perhaps the most obvious is this: they believe in truth in advertising. From the harmonies that they toss out like a choral fight club, to lyrics about life as a young adult (see: “Young Dreams”), the Norwegian band’s debut full-length Between Places drips with a youthful joie de vivre. And then it hits you: these “kids” are packing some serious chops. The cliché is “wise beyond their years,” but hey, if the trope fits—use it. As with like-minded bands Vampire Weekend and Fleet Foxes, Young Dreams trades in a style of light, retro pop that came to prominence before they were born. More than just throwing a few layered bucolic vocals over a surf hook and calling it “Beach Boys–inspired,” the six-piece digs into the history, throwing in embellishments that range from the art-rock abstraction of Animal Collective to the classical flourishes of Edvard Grieg. Perhaps youth isn’t wasted on the young after all. 

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