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Yeah Yeah Yeahs
FILTER Grade: 86%

By Ken Scrudato on April 19, 2013


Yeah Yeah Yeahs

2009’s It’s Blitz! was an enchanting flirtation with pop accessibility for our beloved triple-Yeahs, but—let’s face it—we love them so much better when they’re getting their weirdo on. And this fourth album, the devastatingly visceral Mosquito, does indeed find them trawling the more lugubrious recesses of their psyches and sonic proclivities. Dave Sitek’s spectral production haunts the entirety of the record, accommodating explosive forays into such specialties as gothic-metal (“Buried Alive,” with Dr. Octagon) and the crunching sludge rock of veritable Stooges encomium (“Area 52,” with Karen O. appropriately shrieking, “I wanna be your ail-eee-un!” [An unrefusable offer, if ever.]) The emotionally gripping proceedings come to a close with the eerily pretty “Wedding Song,” as Ms. O achingly confesses, “One thousand deaths, my dear/I’m dying without you here.” Her torment, as Mosquito most eloquently bears out, has not been at all in vain.  


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