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FILTER Grade: 77%

By Kyle Lemmon on March 11, 2013



Smoky indie-folk duo Widowspeak moved from the Pacific Northwest to Brooklyn after the release of their 2011 self-titled debut album. Singer Molly Hamilton and guitarist/multi-instrumentalist Robert Earl Thomas still create sleepy-eyed, ’70s-indebted pop tunes on their second effort, Almanac. The scope and girth of their songs are improved by co-producer Kevin McMahon, whose warm board work on Real Estate’s Days is diffused throughout. The melancholic “The Dark Age” and electrified “Dyed in the Wool” match well with the self-proclaimed visual references to Wings, Sounds of Silence and The Carpenters on Almanac’s bucolic cover photograph. The psychedelic guitar stabs in “Locusts” and the ’70s folk-rock bluster heard on “Dyed in the Wool” capably elevate Hamilton’s lilting, soul-starved vocals. Whereas Widowspeak suffered a touch from homogeny, Almanac casts its entrancing firelight in a variety of attractive bearings. 


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