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White Rabbits
Milk Famous - TBD
FILTER Grade: 83%

By Adam Pollock on March 9, 2012


White Rabbits

Milk Famous is an ambitious step forward for White Rabbits. Not so much a departure as an evolution, the album takes the ethereal post-punk blueprint that the Brooklyn-based Midwestern transplants offered on their prior brace of releases, and adds depth, grandeur and empathy. Electronics and experimentation play a much bigger role here than we’ve come to expect from White Rabbits, the result being that repeated listens of standout tracks such as “Everyone Can’t Be Confused” and “You Are Free” reveal exciting and unexpected musical flourishes not often heard these days. (To open the album with falsetto slow burner—and cheekily titled—“Heavy Metal” takes serious cojones.) Whether or not Milk Famous actually vaults White Rabbits up a notch or two in the public consciousness will remain to be seen; what the album does do, however, is sets the band on that coveted trajectory upwards.

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