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White Fence
Family Perfume, Vol. 1 & 2 - WOODSIST
FILTER Grade: 85%

By Kyle MacKinnel on May 17, 2012


White Fence

Considering the typical working clip of stone breed rock musicians, Tim Presley is in the fervent process of bucking trends. Over the past 15 months, his White Fence has burst the continuum wide open with a tachycardic EKG of output whose jerks and palpitations echo the stooged-out guitars on “Long White Curtain.” To review the gamut, in less than a year and a half the Fence has followed up its terrific debut (Is Growing Faith) with a collaborative LP intersected by Ty Segall (Hair) and now a behemoth double album. (Segall has been on a bona fide tear of his own, to boot.)

As for the record in question, a seemingly hasty release for such a bulbous piece is more than justified. In fact, it’s pretty fucking impressive. Psych freakouts on the likes of “Swagger Vets and Double Moon” and “She Relief” are teetered with the avant-pop of “Balance Yr Heart” or “Lizards First.” So is it a perfect amalgamation? Nah. But double albums practically never are. Nonetheless, great song quality and aromatic ambition outweigh any superfluity here, and Family Perfume lends a more than welcome redolence to White Fence’s rapidly mutating canon. You have good reason to spend due time with it. 

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