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Sports - Slumberland
FILTER Grade: 78%

By Brooks Hays on January 14, 2011



Like the growing noise pop scene itself, San Francisco trio Weekend (not to be confused with Baltimore’s similar-sounding up-and-comers Weekends) has been creating an impressive amount of buzz with its debut album Sports. In the vein of fellow left-coasters No Age and labelmates The Pains of Being Pure at Heart, Weekend produces a chaos of sound with only three instruments, full of texture and depth that would make other, larger bands jealous. In its first full collection of songs, Weekend splashes a thin, shimmery veil of Psychocandy nostalgia over a mess of noise rock, transforming a seemingly schizophrenic cacophony of guitar wails into something melodic, foot-stompingly powerful and entirely enjoyable. Of particular sonic strength is the eerie “Comma Summer” and the bass-thumpingly good “End Times,” both offering a storm of head-swirling fuzz that sees Cure-like, melancholy vocals and pop sensibilities seated snuggly behind a wall of shoegazing reverb and thrashing drums.

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