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Washed Out
Paracosm - SUB POP
FILTER Grade: 88%

By Zachary Sniderman on August 12, 2013


Washed Out

Ernest Greene is perpetually late to the party. As a fixture in the chillwave scene, his debut full-length, 2011’s Within and Without, was actually released well after that term had been happily junked. Now, with pop music veering towards minimalism, Greene is doubling down on Paracosm, a lush and atmospheric trip down Reverb Street. Greene may be behind the wave, but thank goodness for it. Paracosm is a beautiful, beautiful album. Washed Out still casts a lot of two-chord tracks, but they are complex nets of harps, orchestral loops and dusty beats in a warm and pleasant way. Songs like “Don’t Give Up” and “Paracosm” pulse and radiate life. What Green lacks in lyrical ambition, he makes up in pretty, near-perfect songcraft. With birdsong and a car idling and the sound of children shouting across a park in the distance, it’s as if the whole album was overheard floating through the air of an Indian summer.


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