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Warpaint - ROUGH TRADE
FILTER Grade: 79%

By Alejandro Rubio on February 7, 2014



A few seconds into Warpaint’s second full-length release, the music stops, somebody laughs and then the band counts the song over again, and this moment embodies the record—revealing a band more concerned with capturing and preserving a mood rather than simply producing a product. Songs like “Biggy” and “Teese” demonstrate how the band dips into seemingly opposing genres and styles in order to create an unrestricted and unexplored musical landscape. And gang vocals on songs like “Disco // Very” and “Love Is to Die” come across like tribal incantations, but the shamanistic rhythms aren’t exclusively set by the drummer or the bassist. Instead, every instrument, including the vocals, reverberates and interplays with the next in order to create a meandering backbeat that refuses the rhythmic decorum of rock and roll and hip-hop. The girls are onpoint.


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