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Volcano Choir
FILTER Grade: 84%

By Gianna Hughes on September 3, 2013


Volcano Choir

Repave cannot only be defined as merely the sophomore effort of the Justin Vernon–fronted Volcano Choir, but as the work of seasoned musicians exploring their own creative boundaries. It is the exploration of men who hold each other up—who help guide each other through the darkened woods into a place that’s filled with peace of mind. The album ruminates upon the meaning of its title: you are not replacing what already exists; rather, you are improving upon it, allowing yourself to retell the story and revise the ending. Repave is not just an album created in the interim of Bon Iver releases, but a project that weaves something together that has been there all along. In that sense, the album is both unfettered and cinematic. There is freedom in Volcano Choir, and that alone is enough to come along for an alternate ending. 

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