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The Errant Charm - Sub Pop
FILTER Grade: 86%

By Jon Pruett on June 15, 2011



Much of Vetiver’s output over the past several years has sought to reproduce the warm, organic tones of records that were pressed circa 1972. Nothing wrong with that, but it did put the band in a sort of retrofitted bubble. But despite all the beards, hats and obscure ’70s covers, Vetiver is most definitely a 21st-century band. Andy Cabic’s love of the descending vocal hook and wistful melancholy owes more to the dream pop of the ’90s than any Incredible String Band BBC Session. This is clear on what may be Vetiver’s best effort so far, The Errant Charm. Soft-spoken and direct, the songs here unroll with a slick and minimal clarity. Breezy and spaced like the Cocteau Twins in moccasins, songs like “Faint Praise” and “Can’t You Tell” are layered with acoustic guitar and slight, dreamy electronic touches that give the band more freedom to space the hell out.

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