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Tyler Ramsey
The Valley Wind - FAT POSSUM
FILTER Grade: 87%

By Jonathan Falcone on October 14, 2011


Tyler Ramsey

This is the third album from Tyler Ramsey, who, when not a driving force within Band of Horses, releases albums of sparse folk-rock. There’s Neil Young and Springsteen-esque pondering, of course; Ry Cooder, Rufus Wainwright and Leo Kottke as well. The title track is a beautiful mantra and “The Nightbird” may be the prettiest soft song committed to tape this year, while “1000 Blackbirds” could be from the U.K.’s Drift Records folk collective, its melodies whistling through reverb. Solo, Ramsey doesn’t need suspense to conjure beauty; just riff like The Byrds and sink serenely into the grass.


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