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FILTER Grade: 83%

By Loren Auda Poin on November 29, 2011



Dive, the latest from sonic spelunker Scott Hansen, is rife with drippy synth lines that border on vagueness, barely holding their jelly-like shape as they coalesce atop relaxed but driving beats. A beautiful album with an amniotic vibe, Dive can be a bit repetitive. An album of electronic instrumentals should shift into gears we didn’t even know existed, so we marvel at the counterintuitive beauty of the machine. Each of Dive’s songs gel into one atmosphere rather than branching into the semi-organic variety of the best records. “Ascension” accomplishes just such a shift, lifting out of the terrestrial ocean, seaweed strands dangling, departing for outer space. Most of the songs might be more enjoyable accompanied by the visuals Tycho features in his live sets. Here, we rely on a closed-eye experience, but the songs seem to stroke and soothe the mind’s imaginative engine, rather than exciting it.

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