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Ty Segall
Sleeper - DRAG CITY
FILTER Grade: 81%

By Kyle MacKinnel on August 22, 2013


Ty Segall

It’s no original story that Ty Segall is an insanely prolific purveyor of recorded music—that much has been well documented. What does ring unique about Sleeper, his sixth solo record in five years (plus three collaborative releases), is Segall’s newfound ability to—save one fleeting moment of weakness—curb his fuzz addiction, cold turkey. Acoustically driven and relatively droopy, the apropos Sleeper may or may not be a vaguely allegorical concept album, in the vein of mythic mid ’70s folk rock, which pits a class known as “sleepers” against the “keepers.” Think Aqualung on codeine, sans flute, swapping vagrants for couch potatoes. 


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