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FILTER Grade: 77%

By Bailey Pennick on June 1, 2012



For their debut, London-based sister duo 2:54 do what is required of them: they create a signature sound. Throughout the 10 tracks of their self-titled album, Hannah and Colette Thurlow have developed a musical persona that puts them in the same category of shoegaze-girl-power-rock as Warpaint. While “sonic branding” is important for a band just starting out and trying to make a mark, 2:54 falls short of being a truly great album because each song just starts to sound the same. Starting with “Revolving,” the listener immediately gets all of the components of 2:54 in one track: driving beat, haunting and powerful vocals, intricate guitar riffs and distortion, all atop of ambient noise. It’s interesting and enjoyable (highlights include “Scarlet,” “Sugar” and “Ride”), but 2:54 plateaus on these qualities. In “Easy Undercover” the girls say it best themselves: “All the words sound the same / They never change.” 


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