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Tropical Popsicle
Dawn of Delight - VOLAR
FILTER Grade: 73 %

By Adam Valeiras on March 22, 2013


Tropical Popsicle

Only its second release, Tropical Popsicle’s Dawn of Delight certainly has a defined style. It’s too bad that the style is the familiar, straight-rock, short song structure of so many garage-rock bands these days. Album high points come on single “Ghost Beacons” for the simple reason of containing a melody line beyond that of voice, and the catchy, driving final track “Universe of God Shadow”…but finishing on a strong note means little in the context of an album that overall lies flat. Most else is linear, with smooth but repetitive drum lines and a rhythm guitar to match, ridden by usually disappointing over-reverberated vocals. Dawn of Delight is an OK effort by a band still early in its career, but the album lacks direction, a cohesive vision and individual songs often fail to reach that coveted, culminating moment.


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