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Into The Great Wide Yonder - In My Room
FILTER Grade: 84%

By Kendah El-Ali on June 18, 2010



Truth be told, few concept electronic albums come anywhere near hitting the mark. From “we thought it would be a Badalamenti-inspired trip through outer space” to an album designed to take its listeners through “every stage of a night out,” the long and the short of most electronic music is that it’s made for either straight dancing—or chilling. But in walks a warp from Copenhagen that not only pulls off mixing surf with cowboy and electro, but does it in such a conceptually bizarre fashion that it leaves listeners with few choices other than to fall in love. Trentemøller is best known for fusing the darker edges of dub with accessible aural landscapes, but, his sophomore Into the Great Wide Yonder is a next-level artistic application of his signature sound. You can see the dust. You can smell the fire. You will hurt, love, fall asleep, see horses, and lastly, get off your ass to get down. The weirdest part is that it probably wasn’t meant to be a concept album at all. It’s just so highly emotive and picturesque, it sounds like you instantly fell into a scene from a movie. KENDAH EL-ALI

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