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Trailer Trash Tracys
FILTER Grade: 83%

By Marissa R. Moss on February 9, 2012


Trailer Trash Tracys

There’s probably no more deceptive band name in the history of music than Trailer Trash Tracys: it conjures up images of a Pistol Annies lookalike cranking out semi-ironic country in a doublewide. But what’s in a name? Ester, the debut from this London quartet, is eerily ambitious if not downright eerie. Recorded on a solfeggio scale (essentially a tuning used in Gregorian chants not compatible with Western instruments), the songs are ruminations on the Mazzy Star/Massive Attack theme with the avant-garde fuzz, David Lynchian references and distant female vocals cranked way up and out. Standouts are the moody pop-anthem “Wish You Were Red” and “Candy Girl,” which is a feminine, spacey take on The Jesus and Mary Chain. Then there’s the misleadingly titled (clearly a reoccurring theme) “Dies in 55,” a plucky song that rings and floats like a harp on cocaine. While it never quite hits the emotional grip of a work like Massive’s “Teardrop,” Ester’s a strong debut from a band that will hit its stride when it learns to connect as much as it concocts. 

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