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Tilly & The Wall
Heavy Mood - TEAM LOVE
FILTER Grade: 82%

By Tamara Vallejos on October 10, 2012


Tilly & The Wall

Heavy Mood is Tilly & the Wall’s first record since 2008’s o pushed the hand-clapping, tap-dancing quintet into a spotlight that included an appearance on one of television’s greatest gifts to humanity: Sesame Street. But while the band certainly show off a self-confident, youthful attitude, their tunes might generally be a little too aggressive for the kiddie set. Sure, a track like gal-pal anthem “Thicker Than Thieves” does a great job of highlighting the power of friendship, but parents might object to the whole “we’ll fuck some bitches up” suggestion. And the album’s lead single may promote love and peace, but “Love Riot” sounds like a hyper-sexed apocalyptic protest march that might confuse a toddler’s little brain. Plus, they’re not going to appreciate the nod to 1960s girl groups on “All Kinds of Guns” (a modern-day “My Boyfriend’s Back”—only with firearms. And drugs). But if you’re a grown-up who harbors a playful streak of rebellion, here’s your new soundtrack.

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