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Tijuana Panthers
FILTER Grade: 82%

By Angela Ratzlaff on June 20, 2014


Tijuana Panthers

If anybody knows a thing or two about surf rock, it’s three American dudes who hail from Long Beach. Tijuana Panthers’ third full-length, Wayne Interest, is—like their first two albums—soaked with salt water and roughed up with grains of sand. However, there are notable changes; the evolution of Tijuana Panthers’ sound includes the album’s richer tone. Wayne Interest offers more flowing psychedelic melodies (“NOBO,” “7th Seal”), as well as hints of ‘80s post-punk influences (“Money Jar,” “Four Horsemen”). TP’s lyrical content also digs deeper into issues about money, jobs and new goals, a contrast to earlier songs about summer, haircuts and jeans. This new sound, established yet still invitingly simple, is a refreshing surprise from the trio. Possibly the best the band has ever sounded on wax, Wayne Interest proves that Tijuana Panthers continue to excel at creating catchy tunes for a drive down the PCH, sun shining and windows down.


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