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Tijuana Panthers
FILTER Grade: 80%

By Gianna Hughes on May 30, 2013


Tijuana Panthers

Long Beach’s Tijuana Panthers have a knack for making the up-and-coming generation feel nostalgic for a time they’ve only experienced through film, photos and stories told by their grandparents—a romanticized time where the Venice boardwalk was the ideal image of Southern California. And the fact that kids now are growing up tweeting and texting, the idea of nostalgia may seem foreign, especially if one has never visited the Golden State. So, Tijuana Panthers instilling such a feeling with their music is no easy feat. The group’s latest release, Semi-Sweet, is a continuation of their love of California and their affinity for surf-punk. Garage burners like “Tony’s Song” and “Push Over” light up the room and are poppy enough to hear on the radio. It’s an album that begs you to dance along with the crowd that will surely be singing loudly while passing around someone who couldn’t find a wave, so they crowd-surfed instead.  


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