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Thurston Moore
Demolished Thoughts - Matador
FILTER Grade: 85%

By Kevin Friedman on May 24, 2011


Thurston Moore

Contemplating what a Moore record produced by Beck might lead to, there are a few obvious guesses: beats under feedback, maybe something overtly poppy or perhaps an unsurprisingly high-minded “noise experiment.” The result makes sense, too, but is a bit more refreshingly unexpected. What we have here is an acoustic album. Based on the workout Moore has been giving the electric guitar for the past 25 years, it makes perfect sense that the best way to mix things up would be by turning his back on the amps and sitting down with a 12-string guitar. No, he’s not playing Delta blues; rather, the songs are structured very much like the ones we’ve grown accustomed to hearing from Moore and his Sonic Youth cohorts, but the squawking amps have been replaced by harpsichords and violins, utilized for similar effect—textural tears in the canvas of the music, creating a distressed but comforting sonic imagery—while Moore’s whispery vocals of surrealistic romance drift overhead.

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