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Throw Me the Statue
Creaturesque - Secretly Canadian
FILTER Grade: 85%

By Breanna Murphy on January 19, 2010


Throw Me the Statue

To the credit of a sophomore record, Throw Me the Statue (now a four-piece) has made some significant and interesting moves away from lo-fi since its debut. More defined and refined than the bedroom sketches from 2007’s Moonbeams, Creaturesque emerges with a broader soundscape without losing a shred of intimacy—or catchy keyboard grooves. And though the borrowed samples remain (“Tag” and “Cannibal Rays” initially bear an identical beat to Moonbeams’ “About to Walk”), the whole of the album is largely a departure, demonstrating both growth and clarity from where the band’s been last. Sentimentally soft-spoken as usual, lead singer Scott Reitherman lets the lyrics stand on their own to the fullest effect, sometimes barely lifting his vocals above the busyness below (“Ancestors”). The practice spent fiddling with slower and more methodical tracks on the excellent Purpleface EP shows its effectiveness plainly here. This has all the creature comforts.

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