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This Will Detroy You
Tunnel Blanket - Suicide Squeeze
FILTER Grade: 63%

By Mike Hilleary on May 25, 2011


This Will Detroy You

Listening to instrumental rock can sometimes make you feel like you’re wading out into the ocean. Pushed and pulled by an underlying current, you’re inundated by an environment of constant tension and release. Most post-rockers tend to stick with the surf, building and swelling their melodies until they crash under their own weight, recede and repeat in another form. Texas-based group This Will Destroy You, however, is somewhere past the breakers, floating on a body of layered soundscapes and ambient atmosphere. The problem with listening to their sophomore LP Tunnel Blanket is that the band may have drifted too far. Certainly succeeding in conveying a dark sense of sound and space, its bleak, alternating slog of middling drones and tones comes off as lifeless more often than not—white noise rather than anything compositionally affecting. With the one exception of “Killed the Lord, Left for the New World,” a track that actually allows percussion and melody to surface through the haze, Tunnel Blanket is dead in the water.

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