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The Walkmen
Lisbon - Fat Possum
FILTER Grade: 85%

By Lynn Lieu on August 31, 2010


The Walkmen

Retaining their signature vintage sound, The Walkmen are back with another full-length album, Lisbon. As the band continues to refine its style, a lot of this record seems familiar with repetitive rhythms and slow-burn vocals—but yet again, it works. “Angela Surf City” features Matt Barrick’s drumming that is first steady then, as if charmed by Hamilton Leithauser’s vocals, rises and falls in episodic explosions. Standout track, “Stranded,” is despondent, mixing melodic instrumentation with dreary lyrics laced with a pinch of hope: “You don’t want me you can tell me/I’m the bigger man here, oh it’s true…and I’m stranded/and I’m starry eyed.” While most of the album is melancholic, opener “Juveniles” and “Woe is Me” liven up the record; twangy and upbeat, both tracks provide balance to the somber timbre. The slowest track, “While I Shovel the Snow,” harkens back to the bands of Sun Records. Lisbon, solemn overall, plays like a jukebox at closing time, wrung out but ready for a new day. 

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