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The Strokes
Angles - RCA
FILTER Grade: 75%

By Erin Hall on May 10, 2011


The Strokes

Lackluster reviews for their last album. A five-year hiatus. Well-documented discord within the ranks. Ungodly expectations. Intense anticipation. This is what The Strokes were up against when they set out to record Angles. The result is mixed and at times strained, but a spark still lies within. Opener “Machu Picchu” is punchy reggae-synth while the single, “Under Cover of Darkness,” is the most familiar tune, showcasing a syncopated rhythm and that cascading chorus oozing with disaffected charm that made The Strokes such darlings at the dawn of the millennium. “Two Kinds of Happiness” and “Gratisfaction” introduce new influences for the band, evoking The Cars/Tom Petty and Thin Lizzy/Billy Joel, respectively. However, the pacing is odd and a bit lazy, leaving the album with a disconnected, fragmented feel. If they can get it together, there is still a lot of potential magic here—“if” being the operative word.

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