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The Soft Pack
FILTER Grade: 84%

By Alejandro Rubio on September 26, 2012


The Soft Pack

While The Soft Pack’s self-titled debut introduced the group as pimple-popping freshman at the School of Post-Punk Revival, their latest album, Strapped, presents the foursome as the school’s pock-faced valedictorians. The album plays out like a seminar that could be aptly titled “1977: From Great Britain to the Bowery,” as almost every track is inflected with the sounds and sentiments from that great year in music. The album’s opener, “Saratoga,” careens with an In the City intensity, showing off angst and distortion as singer Matt Lamkin casually asks, “Could you describe what you feel you’re doing? / From my side, it seems like you’re screwing everyone all around you.” Most of the songs aren’t as scathing; “Everything I Know” feigns naïveté with eerie guitar that could easily be mistaken for an unreleased track from Marquee Moon. While these graduates are busy looking for a nail on which to hang their new diplomas, make sure you’ve got a needle to play their new record. 


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