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The Skull Defekts
Dances in Dreams of the Known Unknown - THRILL JOCKEY
FILTER Grade: 81%

By Ken Scrudato on April 23, 2014


The Skull Defekts

For those who value their un-defective craniums, be warned that Swedish psych-metallers The Skull Defekts seem singularly intent on pounding said craniums into oblivion. The music on this explosive new album is as tightly coiled as early Sabbath, but their terrifyingly detuned guitars, brickbat rhythmic chaos and contributions from Lungfish’s Daniel Higgs imbue the proceedings with an overwhelming air of apocalyptic doom. Imagine Killing Joke without all that righteous fist-shaking, and you’re almost there. Keep out of reach of children. Really, just do. 


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