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The Skull Defekts
Peer Amid - Thrill Jockey
FILTER Grade: 86%

By Jon Pruett on March 7, 2011


The Skull Defekts

Sweden’s The Skull Defekts have been chasing the ultimate drone for a few years, resulting in some of the most cacophonous, blistering CD-R and limited-run LPs you’re ever likely to come across. Peer Amid is a fierce, hypnotic slice of rage and cosmic searching abetted by new cohort and vocalist Daniel Higgs of Lungfish. It’s Higgs who narrates these cyclical, lengthy tracks and creates something akin to Black Flag by way of Amon Düül II. Songs like “Fragrant Nimbus” spin wildly (but not out of control), creating some kind of space music best visible with use of the third eye. Other tracks approach Wolf Eyes-ish howling assault, but with a ferocious, tribal drum backbone (“What Knives, What Birds”). Packed in the middle of this melee you’ll find “In Majestic Drag,” the band’s most crushing, metal-forged statement yet. Peer Amid is the ultimate soundtrack for fighting your way to enlightenment.

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