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The Ruby Suns
Christopher - SUB POP
FILTER Grade: 75%

By Jon Falcone on March 15, 2013


The Ruby Suns

The Ruby Suns’ Ryan McPhun has always been willing to challenge, ape and progress the zeitgeist in equal measure, but the band’s fourth release, Christopher, falls flat despite containing one of this year’s (possibly this decade’s) finest pop songs with its opener “Desert of Pop.” Turn this one up loud and melt while soft keyboards and synthetic backing vocals harmonize and sigh gloriously. McPhun lets everything out unabashedly, succinctly. Put this on repeat for a year. It’s love-pop and twists in the heart accordingly. The track “In Real Life” follows, which similarly contains emotional gravitas, but a harder, more serious sound. The rest of the album is fun when played loud but, having started so sublimely, feels thin, a less-anthemic M83. If Christopher’s track listing was “Desert of Pop” 12 times, with a bonus track of “Desert of Pop,” this album would get 10,000%.

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