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The Rosebuds
Loud Planes Fly Low - Merge
FILTER Grade: 76%

By Kyle Lemmon on June 10, 2011


The Rosebuds

The Rosebuds’ Kelly Crisp and Ivan Howard dissolved their marriage shortly before the recording of their forlorn and beatific fifth album, Loud Planes Fly Low. Despite their struggles, the indie-pop duo has soldiered on as a recording pair, and crystallized a recording unit of old pals. They create some of the most heart-swelling tableaus centering on relational fissures. Strains of late-night R&B on the release—mostly heard on the halcyon jam “Cover Ears” and the Crisp-led plea “Come Visit Me”—blow out some of the cobwebs and bad habits of past full-lengths. Elsewhere, Howard’s crestfallen guitar strums on “Without a Focus” and his heavy-lidded soul singing on “A Story” approximate that hollowed-out feeling of a relationship in collapse. Loud Planes Fly Low’s true intentions are realized once songs such as “Waiting for You” seep into your bones.

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