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The Rolling Stones
Some Girls [reissue] - UNIVERSAL
FILTER Grade: 79%

By Nevin Martell on November 28, 2011


The Rolling Stones

Some records aspire to tug at your heartstrings; Some Girls wanted to play with your balls. The 1978 classic showcases sleazy come-ons (“Some Girls,” “When the Whip Comes Down”) alongside mournful goodbyes (“Beast of Burden,” “Miss You”). It was the last great Stones album (fuck off, Tattoo You—“Start Me Up” and “Waiting on a Friend” do not an album make), so it’s nice to see it getting an exhaustive overhaul à la last year’s Exile on Main St. reissue.

Producer Don Was has unearthed a couple of real gems from the vaults, some of which include newly recorded vocals or instrumental tracks to fill them out. Street-smart, swaggering “Don’t Be a Stranger” is a standout, as is “Claudine” with its infectious skiffle beat. The lyrics are throwaway skat lines, though. On “Do You Think I Really Care,” Jagger off-handedly suggests, “Hey, put your umbrella up your ass, baby.” How’s about you pull the pen out of your ass instead, Mick? A lot of these unreleased tunes weren’t worth resurrecting anyway, because they’re far too similar to other, far better Stones tunes. “Tallahassee Lassie” is a sloppy “Shattered” on speed; dirge-like “When You’re Gone” is a blues brother to “Midnight Rambler”; and “I Love You Too Much” is a lifeless cousin to “When the Whip Comes Down.”

If this mixed bag of bonus material isn’t enough, you can always pony up $150+ for the super deluxe version. It includes a “Beast of Burden” 7-inch single with its original banned artwork (it involves a lion and a circus performer in what could be construed as a compromising position) that might get a few spins, a book of Peter Corriston’s artwork that you’ll look at once, a print from photographer Helmut Newton that might elicit a “hmm…cool,” a quintet of postcards you’ll never send and a poster you’ll never hang. Sure, the original album may still tickle your testes and get you off, but this boxed set is nothing more than a handjob without a happy ending.

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