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The Rapture
In the Grace of Your Love - DFA
FILTER Grade: 83%

By Adam Pollock on September 6, 2011


The Rapture

Turn on the glitter ball and forget the insanity of such concepts as debt ceilings and Michele Bachmann: The Rapture are back with the freshest dose of hands-in-the-air indie dance-pop since, well…since before we all lost hope for such things. There was a time when The Rapture represented an aloof slice of elite New York-centric hipsterism, when their explosive post-punk of equal parts Beastie Boys and The Strokes was dramatic in its ennui and scared us a bit. Still, you could dance to it. The last five-plus years have seen indie embrace electro to such an extent, however, that any new record that didn’t have falsetto woo-woo vocals, syncopated guitar wacka-wackas and head-bopping beats would be an anomaly.

Yet with In the Grace of Your Love, The Rapture show the newbies how it’s done. As the title suggests, love is in the air, and the album opens with “Sail Away,” an uplifting fist-pumper to the condition. By track two, love has left the building and all that’s left is to “Miss You.” The back-and-forth vibe never drags, though; we’re still on our feet and dancing. The album progresses with varying degrees of mid-to-high-energy alterna-disco that often recalls Talking Heads after the art-school pretension had worn off. By mid-album the guitars have come out and the electro-sheen dialed down a notch. The closer, “It Takes Time to Be a Man,” is as close as The Rapture get to a ballad, teasing us with the line “I bet you can’t get what you want,” echoing the Stones’ sentiment of a similar title.

Back on DFA Records after a one-album foray to Universal, The Rapture seem poised for a comeback of sorts. Whether or not that happens, the chaps have certainly put their best foot forward with this sparkly, new work.

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