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The Presets
FILTER Grade: 63%

By Kendah El-Ali on September 14, 2012


The Presets

If listening to sentimental techno ballads about giving up the days of tits and cocaine is what you want to do with an hour of your time, look no further. It’s not to say The Presets’ work was ever particularly mind-bending, but they were always able to knock out a few good tracks to run to, if nothing else. But, man. The intro howlings on “Ghosts” creepily sound like Baltimora’s “Tarzan Boy,” which can never be a good thing under any circumstances. And if that isn’t enough, with grand lyrical twists such as “the shiniest stars won’t shine forever,” it might not come as a wonder that they managed to even name a track “Fail Epic.” Though largely forgettable, “Fall” at least manages to stand out as a tolerable disco ditty that will no doubt pollinate so-called EDM speakers across the world any minute now. Aaany minute now.

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