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The Orwells
Remember When - AUTUMN TONE
FILTER Grade: 84%

By Adam Valeiras on August 22, 2012


The Orwells

Probably the first thing that anyone mentions about The Orwells is that they’re made up of five seventeen-year-old high school students. It has to be mentioned; the record as a non-prefaced listen sounds nothing like the inexperienced, unprofessional debut one might expect—the songs are stable, full; its production level exceeds many of its contemporaries; and the vocals are deep and coarse. At heart, Remember When is a modern punk album taking notes from the scene’s stars, Black Lips (“Mallrats [La La La]”) or Cloud Nothings (“Hallway Homicide”), but the best part about the record and its creators is that they aren’t reaching too far. The Orwells know who they are, and so they sing about school suspensions, Halloween, apathy and the many other things that cloud a youthful mind. In this way, Remember When is universal, relevant thematically to anyone who’s received their high school diploma, and relevant sonically simply in that it is good music played well.

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