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The Men
Tomorrow's Hits - SACRED BONES
FILTER Grade: 83%

By Kyle MacKinnel on March 4, 2014


The Men

All the young dudes carry the news. Or maybe just those who can wield it. On their fourth record in just three years, The Men are tangled in a time warp, and this is a good thing. The irony of the title Tomorrow’s Hits and neon-sign cover art both allude to a ’70s time capsule cracking open. This notion continues with the polish that a vintage, adult studio in Brooklyn’s Strange Weather has afforded, though it sounds miles from W-burg. “I want to live inside you/I want to hear the echo play/On the floor of the green valley/Hear what the wind say” on “Get What You Give” could easily fly as a displaced Neil lyric. It’s an awesome thing to hear one of the tightest young guitar bands grow so rapidly as songwriters. The Men have always had the chops to hang, but it’s their emerging maturity that has begun to justify the bravado of the name.


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