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The Men
FILTER Grade: 78%

By Ken Scrudato on March 13, 2013


The Men

Though not quite as earsplitting as fellow Brooklynites A Place To Bury Strangers, there’s a fiery relentlessness about these, um, men that almost makes you wish they’d actually take up a political cause or two. Fourth release New Moon finds them again breaking down a few sound barriers. Indeed, on tracks like “Without a Face” and the aptly named “Electric,” they unite a wall-of-sound sonic assault with a jittery punk fury to thoroughly explosive effect. “The Brass” is a glorious, nearly falling-apart racket that could surely hold its own alongside early Sonic Youth. Yet the atmosphere of turbulence is nicely broken up by the wistful and winsome “High and Lonesome,” which could almost be Mazzy Star. Almost. One can make out here and there traces of American roots music, but those are alas, buried within the breathtaking bluster, ’cos ultimately, you can’t separate The Men from the noise.


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