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The Men
Open Your Heart - SACRED BONES
FILTER Grade: 85%

By Kyle MacKinnel on March 5, 2012


The Men

Nonchalantly balking the gender-bending currently trending in modern band names (see: Girls, Women, The xx, etc.), The Men return with a follow-up to last summer’s Leave Home, a mainline noise-punk onslaught that roundly refused to cease and desist. Fortunately, Open Your Heart is no less difficult to pin down. A healthy dose of genre-bending instead palpitates throughout this track list, in faux form on the delirium tremolo of instrumental “Country Song,” and in earnest on the twangy “Candy,” the jolt of which is a dead ringer for the effect that Mick ’n’ Keith’s “Dead Flowers” had on the backside of Sticky Fingers. Elsewhere, The Men choose to rightly thrash. “Turn It Around” and “Animal” kick off Heart in wild form, “Cube” is an absolute mayhem agent and “Presence” is a relatively slow builder that can’t help but succumb to fireworks in the end. What’s all this you say about rites of passage? Now, two stalwart albums in, rest assured: these guys aren’t fucking around.


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