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The Melvins
Tres Cabrones - IPECAC
FILTER Grade: 81%

By Kurt Orzeck on November 7, 2013


The Melvins

On Tres Cabrones, a musician who left a band after a one-year stint nearly 30 years ago reunites with the group, playing alongside the guy who replaced him and has been in the band ever since—not to mention marking the first time the former band member has ever appeared on one of the band’s formal full-lengths. Follow? That’s the story of Melvins drummer Mike Dillard, who, along with his replacement, Dale Crover—playing bass for the band for the first time—and founding member/guitarist Buzz Osbourne comprise the “tres cabrones” behind the latest Melvins record. It’s a full-on fiesta, with the band occasionally breaking away from Osbourne-written slabs, like “Dogs and Cattle Prods” and “American Cow,” to laugh and fart their way through traditional refrains such as “Tie My Pecker to a Tree” and “99 Bottles of Beer.” Capped with a couple of covers of songs by San Francisco punk jokesters Pop-O-Pies, Tres Cabrones finds the three stooges keeping the ghost of Mr. Bungle alive. Three decades in, if you still haven’t gotten your meat hooks into Melvins’ meaty hooks, now’s a good a time as any to meet and hook up with them.

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