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The Melvins
The Bride Screamed Murder - Ipecac
FILTER Grade: 86%

By Scott Thill on July 6, 2010


The Melvins

Is there a cooler example of pure rock shred than The Melvins? Listen to this riotous dose of spine-shaking riffage before answering. Shot through with frenetic distortion and good humor, The Bride Screamed Murder is a bracing blast. The call-and-response opener, “The Water Glass,” is a militarized cheer and is suitably followed by the unhinged anthem, “Evil New War God.” The rest of the effort picks up that deafening train of thought: “I’ll Finish You Off” is a space-rocking blast; “Electric Flower” blossoms into a train wreck from a throbbing bass line; and “Inhumanity and Death” is a potent thrash injection. Even the mellower “Hospital Up,” “My Generation?” and the experimental closer “P.G. x 3” reward open-minded listens. After 25 years, The Melvins are still showing rock’s terrible pretenders how it’s done. SCOTT THILL 

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