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The Futureheads
The Chaos - Dovecote
FILTER Grade: 82%

By Nevin Martell on June 15, 2010


The Futureheads

If you hate The Futureheads, you have no heart. The Sunderland trio consistently writes some of the best bounce-your-body, bob-your-head songs known to man. The group’s fourth album, The Chaos, demonstrates that it has lost none of the infectious enthusiasm that made 2004’s self-titled debut such a pleasure to hear. Whether it’s the punchy ebullience of “Struck Dumb” or the brash boisterousness of “Heartbeat Song,” the threesome sounds like it’s on an adrenalized sprint to the finish, which seems to arrive all too quickly. The last listed track is “Jupiter,” another upbeat ditty sporting the kind of layered harmonies that Freddie Mercury made famous. But wait, that’s not all, folks—there’s a hidden a cappella ditty, “Living on Light,” which is a reminder to the world that a cappella doesn’t need to suck. But then it’s all over for real and there’s no cure for that…except to play The Chaos again. NEVIN MARTELL

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