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The Extra Lens
Undercard - Merge
FILTER Grade: 78%

By David C. Obenour on December 31, 2010


The Extra Lens

It’s been nearly a decade since last we heard from Franklin Bruno and John Darnielle’s project, The Extra Lens (then “The Extra Glenns”). Since then, John has gained a good amount of notoriety for The Mountain Goats, while Franklin’s work under his own name, Nothing Painted Blue, and The Human Hearts (plus an incredible collaboration with Tsunami’s Jenny Toomey) remains primarily appreciated by those of us with more records than money. Whoever’s camp you find yourself in, the reuniting of these two talented songwriters is great news. John’s last few records have suffered from being a little mopey and for as great of a songwriter as Franklin is, it takes a special sort of person to appreciate his slightly off-baritone singing. Together, though, the pair balances out the other’s weakness, bringing you finely crafted storytelling set to diverse musical influences rooted in good ol’ folksy rock.

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