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The Deer Tracks
The Archer Trilogy, Pt. 3 - THE CONTROL GROUP
FILTER Grade: 78%

By Clare R. Lopez on March 7, 2013


The Deer Tracks

Prints pressed evenly into the ground, one hoof after the other, lead the curious deeper and deeper into the misty and evergreen woods. The Deer Tracks are at the head of their own expedition and are guiding listeners through its final phase with The Archer Trilogy, Pt. 3. Even though the record is part of a series, the Swedish duo—comprised of David Lehnberg and Elin Lindfors—travel through a full electronic arc within this album alone. Once the initial dark shadows of “W” and “Divine Light” subside, ballad “Red Eyed Zebra” ushers in dreamy murmurs of “come find me” set to twinkling synths. Immediately afterward, “Astral Ship” buoys the beat and “Lazarus” mixes in dance-worthy rhythms. Then it slowly tapers off and eventually ends the tour with the hushed and languid sounds of “Road To.” Where the trail led is up to the listener, but it’s the tracks that count.


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