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The Dead Weather
Sea of Cowards - Warner
FILTER Grade: 85%

By Ken Scrudato on May 31, 2010


The Dead Weather

Ah, motherfucking fatherhood. Seriously, can you possibly not marvel at the very thought of Big Daddy Jack White propelling the Bugaboo baby stroller along some Nashville street while shrieking like a banshee, “Shake your hips like battleships!”? Lord, what the neighbors must think. And indeed, the second Dead Weather album shows White, Alison Mosshart and fellow trash-mongers Dean Fertita and Jack Lawrence trawling through the musical houses of ill-repute with an even greater determination to offend than before. Of course, the problem with any attempt at sleazy blues metal is that you’re somewhat doomed by comparison to everything Led Zep has ever done. But Mssrs. Plant and Page might even flinch at the ferociously unrepentant scuzz of “Blue Blood Blues” and “Hustle and Cuss,” with its spooky Hammond and heaving dynamics. The Lizard King himself might just be stirring in his Parisian grave. Mosshart, for her part, wails the walls down on “Die by the Drop” and “I’m Mad,” the latter of which may concern anger, insanity, or better yet, a whole fucking lot of both. One can only pray that White’s still surely angelic, uncorrupted little ones don’t take it the wrong way when daddy wails, “When I leave this place, you’ll never see me again!” Ohhhhhhh, suck it. KEN SCRUDATO

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