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The Cave Singers
FILTER Grade: 79%

By Gianna Hughes on March 8, 2013


The Cave Singers

Despite its relatively small radius, Seattle’s music scene is close-knit, yet eclectic. The Cave Singers’ fourth full-length album, Naomi, not only features a new band member—Morgan Henderson of Blood Brothers and Fleet Foxes fame—but was recorded by Phil Ek, who has also recorded Fleet Foxes, Built To Spill and other once-Washingtonians like Band of Horses and Modest Mouse, at his Avast Studios. The mixing of influences from this metropolitan community certainly shines through on tracks like “Have to Pretend” and “Evergreens.” And with roots in the Pacific Northwest punk scene, The Cave Singers are essentially punk rockers making folk music. Although their previous album, No Witch, saw the band moving closer toward the folk or blues end of the rock spectrum, The Cave Singers are now comfortably thriving in and exploring a territory that may have once felt foreign. The result: catchy and chilling songs that cling to the corners of your mind and remain with you through and through.

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