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The Cave Singers
No Witch - Jagjaguwar
FILTER Grade: 83%

By Daniel Kohn on April 1, 2011


The Cave Singers

On their third album, The Cave Singers debut a new sound on a new label. Gone is the minimalism that previously defined the band and in is a new edge. Like their Seattle forefathers, the trio’s bigger sound is a mix of delta blues, indie rock and Eastern mysticism. With producer Randall Dunn at the helm, the band embraces the new direction and the result reflects it. Songs like “Swim Club” and “Falls” are lo-fi, bluesy tunes that fit singer Pete Quirk’s talents. His vocals are brooding yet soothing, all while channeling an inner Mellencamp. Others like “Black Leaf” and “No Prosecution If We Bail” showcase Derek Fudesco’s Mississippi blues–inspired riffs and Marty Lund’s drumming, and demonstrate the band’s ability to rock. Though the sound may be different, The Cave Singers stay within themselves to make their best record to date.

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