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The Black Heart Procession
Six - Temporary Residence
FILTER Grade: 81%

By Scott Thill on January 27, 2010


The Black Heart Procession

The howling poet of San Diego’s underrated punk legends Three Mile Pilot, Pall Jenkins unleashed a torrent of cryptic rock and concept pop that still has yet to be appreciated. But after Pilot's falling-out with the major label suits at Geffen, The Black Heart Procession was born. Since then, Jenkins and Pilot pianist Toby Nathaniel have churned out a series of sad, often moving albums, including this one. By moving, I mean the tempo is thankfully upped, especially on the jagged “Back to the Underground,” the slinky “Witching Stone,” the crunchy “Rats” and even the stomp “Heaven and Hell.” Of course, it wouldn’t be BHP without the theatrics of the depressing piano sonata of “When You Finish Me” or the bow-friendly creeper “Iri Sulu.” But those really looking for louder fare should look to Three Mile Pilot’s comeback album in 2010. That should be a much noisier affair.

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