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The Antlers
Burst Apart - Frenchkiss
FILTER Grade: 86%

By Clare R. Lopez on June 2, 2011


The Antlers

Rife with emotion that manifested itself in sweeping movements and Peter Silberman’s somber vocals, The AntlersHospice remains both heartbreaking and aurally striking. But for their follow-up, Burst Apart, the Brooklyn trio sidestepped the doom and gloom of their breakthrough album and leapt ahead into a decidedly less intense space. Taking hold of the buzzes that skittered across their last record, this effort sees The Antlers expand their range and ingrain electronic elements much deeper into these songs—which certainly plays a role in the lighter tone; shimmering keyboards make “French Exit” downright dancey while a hazy, recurring note on “Parentheses” becomes a siren’s call. Even Silberman wanders from his anguished delivery and pushes his falsetto to new heights—literally drawing out his soulful vocals in the opening seconds of “Rolled Together.” Yet The Antlers maintain the poignancy that becomes them and the result is an album bursting with richness.

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