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Thank You
Golden Worry - Thrill Jockey
FILTER Grade: 80%

By Clare R. Lopez on February 2, 2011


Thank You

On Golden Worry, it’s hard to say what Thank You is so uneasy about. With the flames of two melting candles bent by an invisible wind as the cover art for the Baltimore band’s third full-length, you get the sense that you are on shaky ground and that it will be reflected in the songs as the details behind the ominous foreshadowing present themselves. Yet the music itself refuses to exhibit any such insecurity. The glimmering keyboards and simple drum beat that open “Birth Reunion” pick up speed and unexpectedly fuse with a winding guitar riff, creating an instrumental conversation that consistently creates and destroys melody throughout the song. While this approach seems to carry over from one track to another, each song does it to varying degrees—often within the same number—without losing momentum or your attention. Just when you think you’ve got a handle on the music, it moves forward into another terrain, as with the toy train whistle-like sound and billowy jaw harp that come out of the blue on “Continental Divide.” With an album that makes assertive artistic choices and keeps you wondering where it will go next, Thank You has nothing to fret over.

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